Getting thinner

The first onshore wind in a long while is starting to thin the ice in the basin and the rain coming with this system will reduce it further. Not to say we can’t get another cold snap that will freeze things up again, but the sun’s getting higher and brighter each day. I’m looking forward to my first sail of the year.

Grey day
Spitting rain out of the NNE and just above freezing but the usual conditions below.

Open water getting closer. The gulls seem to be saying “how about some sausage bread scraps?”

On a serious note, I want to bring your attention to an organization that is and has been doing real good for the fisherman of Haiti. Sails for Sustenance has been collecting used sails from US sailors since 2006 and giving them to the sustenance fisherman of rural Haiti. The locals adapt the sails to their small WOODEN boats and broaden their opportunities. The rig used in the video is nothing more than the traditional sprit sail, used with variation throughout the world. I had such a rig on Puffin, a Hankin’s beach skiff I converted to a sprit rig years ago.

Check this out:

It’s kind of like the sermon about teaching a man to fish. Here a man already know how to fish but we can can give him better wings to feed a community. I have an old main and jib from Sjogin that I’ll send them.

There is a huge need for protein in the aftermath of last Tuesday’s disaster and a better harvest would certainly help. Please contact these folks and see if you can help.



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