Recent Beaton’s Projects

Here are some pics taken at Beaton’s over the last year. There’s always something interesting going on at this classic boatyard.

Finally (he says) figured out how to easily upload pics direct from my iPad to the WordPress app. (Upload them one at a time.). Hope some of you haven’t given up on my glacial posting pace.

A local family brought this collection of dinghy parts to Paul Smith and asked him to recreate this family heirloom. The dinghy was used for several generations until it was beyond repair. Next photo shows the result of Paul’s efforts.

Ready for another generation or three.

New butterfly hatches for a NY 32, designed by Herreshoff and built by Nevins in the Thirties.

Quest in the paint shop looking Beaton Fresh.

Paul and Jeff in the seemingly never ending task of refinishing all the bright bits removed from the Stonington motorsailer Barnegat.

Here’s the Hankin’s skiff Legend ready for another season. She had the hull paint stripped and a few punky bits fixed.

One of the stranger projects this year. Paul is restoring the bow half of an E-Scow to be displayed at Bay Head Yacht Club.

A sure sign of Spring when the yard Garvey makes her appearance with fresh paint. She was built at Beaton’s in the fifties.

Finally, here’s Myth getting her yearly beauty treatment.

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