As promised 

Sjogin’s mast was stepped yesterday after far too long.  I forgot the customary 1985 Bahamian quarter with a local sloop on one face.  A quarter was used yesterday with her traditional coin to be slipped under the mast today.  That should please Poseidon.

Looks like I managed to label the shrouds and stays correctly as everything seems to fit.  The rigging will settle down over time and especially after a few sails.  (Sailing, what a concept.)

Here are a few pics from yesterday:


Remember you can click on the photos for a larger image.

Thanks all for your patience over the years with my slow posting pace.  These new tools will hopefully shorten the publishing schedule.  We’ll see.

6 comments on “As promised ”

  1. Awesome! Looking good! Can’t wait to see pictures under sail! I am so happy for you that Sjogin is back in great form!

  2. Such wonderful news! Well done! This made my day. I hope you get out on Sjogin soon and enjoy your first sail of the year on her.

  3. Hello, I`m from Uruguay, and in my country we don`t have wooden boats so traditionals and beautiful like Sjogin. Congratulations and wave trade winds !

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