Beaton’s update

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks showing progress on several fronts. There’s been precious little Sjogin work as business and home needs soak up my boat time. My Annual Meeting is tomorrow in NY so with that out of the way you should be seeing more slow sailing pics. And finish work on the tiller. And replacing the smoke head and deck iron. And so it goes.

Done outside
All done outside except for railings and rockers while the interior work continues. Here’s hoping for showers this Summer!

Ready for rubber
Here’s Paul getting ready to caulk the seams on Myth. Beautiful job. She will (keep your fingers crossed) be on display at Mystic for the Catboat show the weekend of July 14th. She may be at the WoodenBoat Show the weekend before as well. (As we will.)

Beaton Fresh
Here’s the Silent Maid, looking Beaton Fresh. De Rouville’s did the spar work, adding 3 feet to the mast and lengthening the gaff and boom. She now sports 1,100 square feet of sail. That’s almost two A-Cat sails!

New hatches, steering gear work and a whole lot more was done this winter. No engine for her trip to Mystic and a couple of races against Kathleen. Barnegat will make a fine towboat.

Maid Service
Maid Service ready for another season of….well, Maid service.

View from the top
Fine view from the new office. That’s Cat’s Whiskers in front of the wood shop getting ready for another season.

Black Jack half model
Here’s Tom holding another Black Jack model. You can’t see it here, but the strakes were hand carved by Jeff Reid. Finestkind.

A wreck!
Another candidate for a Beaton’s restoration. This little gem showed up a few weeks ago.

Sjogin pics soon.

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