Done with the Rudder

and the tiller work continues. I found a piece of suitable oak with a decent sweep to the grain in the wood shed. Tom thinks it may be Black Oak. Not as durable as White Oak but will serve well as a tiller. Looks like it will take a nice finish.

Being this close may justify bending on the sails and thinking about actually sailing.

Just another coat of bottom paint and it’s done.

Tiller progress
From the left: the original tiller from 1985, the pine pattern and the oak blank. Should be close to the original but a bit longer. Phil Bolger observed that a longer tiller generally makes for a better sailor. We’ll see.

At the sizzle
One needs nourishment for the shaping of the tiller. Cozy below as always.

Rainy day
Rainy day at Beaton’s. Taken from the wood shop after a watch below on Sjogin.

Spar building
Here’s a pair of fifty foot Skita Spruce 1 X 10s. Ready to be sliced up and turned into a new Birdsmouth spar for Ghost. Looks fast Bill!

Myth deck work
Myth’s in the shop for a new deck. The old one suffered from melting deck seams on hot days. The new one will be teak over ply.

Calm morning
Another ice free, high water, calm day perfect for drifting about. I know as soon as she’s back in commission the weather will revert to mean.

Gilding the Lily
After 23 years we’re about to have a better view of Stockton Lake and more importantly, the Atlantic, from Ourhouse.

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  1. Has the town council voted yet on whether or not to allow you to actually fix something that’s not broken? And what was wrong with the old tiller shape? 🙂 I need a sizzle down below!

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