Sjogin plans are almost done

Paul Gartside has sent me the latest set of his building plans for a new Sjogin. I couldn’t be more pleased. Paul is one of the finest small boat designers around and at the height of his craft. The plans are technically clear and hand drawn with an artist’s touch.

There are a few folks here and abroad that are planning to start building now that the plans are almost done. It’s all very amazing that this humble little craft should attract such attention. Paul’s work now makes her available to anyone with a sufficient amount of boat-lust.

Paul is still working on the plans for traditional construction in cedar, oak copper and bronze, similar to Sjogin. They should be done this Spring.

If anyone is interested in purchasing plans, please visit Paul Gartside’s web page for further details. The plans will look great framed while the desire to build grows. Obvious prejudice aside, this is a beautiful small boat design.

Click on the images for a larger version.


Sjogin Lines
Here are the completed Lines Plans. Paul has taken the numbers Steve Martinsen and I gathered last summer and refined them to this perfect state.

She’s drawn here with a small inboard diesel. Very useful if you need to get in and out of tight spots, through bridges and such. (And get home in time for dinner.) Note the traditional bucket hiding under the cockpit seat. Very clever.

Deck Plan and Layout
Here’s the Deck Plan and Layout. This is for the Bermudan Yawl rig. The plans come with drawings for three types of construction (glued ply, cold molded and traditional).

Gaff Yawl
This is the Gaff Yawl version and one of my favorites. Paul has drawn the above rig along with an original Bermudan sloop, Gaff sloop and Bermudan Yawl. He’s moved the rig a bit forward in these designs, thus the need for the bowsprit which is becoming more attractive the more I look at it. He’s also added running backstays which are something I’m glad not to have on board. Oh well, progress.

The original
Here’s the original Sjogin last Friday about to go out for a bit in a nice light NNE breeze.

Let a thousand Sjogins bloom.

3 comments on “Sjogin plans are almost done”

  1. plans look great. very pretty esp w/a dark hull. i’d lose all the junk associated w/the mizzen mast. the gaff rig is salty looking w/a roller for the jib off the bow it would be a cinch to sail. have you ever asked tommy a ball park figure to build one in cedar?

  2. Hi Peter,

    Tom has a copy of the plans; I left them with him to lure possible Sjogin builders. I’ll ask him for a ballpark number. It will be a frightening amount I’m sure.

    Come for a sail this Spring.

  3. Late to the party but considering ordering the plans. They don’t come with full size patterns do they?

    Thanks – Tom

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